The FYidoctors Difference

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A message from Dr. Al Ulsifer, the founder and CEO of FYidoctors 

FYidoctors was founded by some of Canada's most reputable and respected eye doctors. We came together because we shared a belief that the quality of eye care in Canada has diminished in recent years. We saw mounting evidence that profit was becoming more important than patient care.

To address this we created FYidoctors, Canada'’s largest and fastest growing eye care company. Our hallmarks are:

 icon bluehands A Consultative Culture: Over 450 eye doctors collaborate and strive to create an eye care experience of the highest of possible standards. You can trust that at FYidoctors, you are getting a comprehensive eye exam applying our combined knowledge and investments in technology.
icon bluebullseye  Investments in New Technology: Through the power of group investing, our doctors can provide patients with thorough exams with the use of progressive technology like the Optomap Retinal Scanner.
icon blueeye  Exclusive Custom Lens Manufacturing: We provide our patients with personalized vision products employing the latest in lens technology (called Internal Freeform), custom made at our own Canadian-based manufacturing facility.
 icon blueframes A Wide Selection of Premium and Exclusive Fashion Frames: We value fashion and style as much as you. We have an extensive selection of fashion frames to match your unique sense of style and your budget.


At FYidoctors we are not mass merchants trying to push volumes of product to make a profit. We are doctors defining eye care, committed to bringing value back to patients. Ultimately we strive to deliver an eye care experience that will leave you saying "Wow, I can't believe the difference!"

Discover why we're proud to be FYidoctors