As one of Canada's largest providers of ophthalmic products and services, we welcome a leadership role in expanding access to better eye care, locally and globally. We are pleased to invest the full range of our resources — people, products, expertise and funding — to contribute to achieving this goal.

FYi Foundation for Sight

Our philanthropic eye care platform, FYi Foundation for Sight, offers a strategic, coordinated approach to improve access to eye care and corrective vision needs for underserved patients around the world. Our support is primarily through partnerships with international charities including Optometry Giving Sight.


FYidoctors charitable funds are managed by the Calgary Foundation who will provide charitable receipts. The "FYidoctors Flow Through Fund" has been set up by the Calgary Foundation to direct all donations to the FYi Foundation for Sight (unless otherwise specified by the donor).

Donations can be made one of two ways:

1.) Online To donate online and receive instantaneous electronic charitable tax receipts for donations of $25.00 and greater, donate here, type in FYidoctors under “Option 1” and follow the remaining prompts. This is available 24/7.

  • VISA and MasterCard are accepted.
  • Charitable tax receipts are issued to the person/organization whose name is on the credit card.
  • NOTE: The Income Tax Act does not permit the Foundation to issue charitable tax receipts to anyone other than the donor (the person/organization whose name is on the credit card).

2) Phone Donors may also call (403) 802-7700 to give credit card information over the phone, should they not feel comfortable doing so, online. Please do not leave your credit card information on the voice mail system.