Our Approach

FYidoctors is the first and only eye care company that merges full scope optometric practices into a single entity. The seeds of the model that would become FYidoctors were sown in June 2006 at a gathering of optometrists who met to share their views regarding the present state and future direction of eye care in Canada. The group was concerned about recent signs and trends – including increasing consolidation within the optical industry - they interpreted as threatening to the future of independent optometry.

A Collaborative Cooperative

The group responded with a vision to create a model that would see optometrists join together in a collaborative cooperative. This strategy was seen as crucial to preserving quality patient care – the paramount and defining feature of optometric practice.

Collaboration is key to the FYidoctors model because it allows us to offer private practice optometrists 

orangeeye     Progressive lens technology and manufacturing
orangebullseye     Investments in the latest diagnostic instruments like Optomap Retinal Scanners
orangehands     A consultative culture led by some of Canada's respected and reputable optometrists
orangeplus     Strong supplier relationships and clinical operations support


The result is a stable environment from which eye doctors can provide high quality care — a winning situation for patients, staff, doctors and the profession.

Putting Patient Care First

Technological advances in ophthalmic manufacturing have put the acquisition of latest in technology within reach of a larger, well-organized and committed group. Experience has shown that advanced manufacturing allows for the creation of the highest quality ophthalmic products. FYidoctors realized that by entering the world of production, we would be able bring a 'patient first' orientation to the manufacturing side of our industry. Individuals could again be thought of as patients instead of as customers.

Defining Optometry

FYidoctors was formed to ensure that eye doctors, not multinational optical corporations, would define patient care. What began as a shared dream of 30 optometrists has quickly become an innovative force comprised of over 450 optometrists serving over 280 locations across Canada. Among the group are respected leaders from our provincial and national optometric associations who bring experience, dedication and a commitment to the values that have long been associated with optometry.

If you are an eye doctor practicing in Canada we encourage you to contact FYidoctors

Alphonse Carew, O.D., B.Sc., MBA
Past President of the Canadian Association of Optometrists

The eye care field today is more competitive than it's ever been, and we've only begun to see the radical changes that are about to come. Practicing the same way year after year just won't cut it anymore. Change is no longer an option. Joining FYidoctors was a bold step, but our practice is better positioned to survive and thrive –- without diminishing our commitment to the absolute highest standard of eye care for our patients.