About FYidoctors

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The founders of FYidoctors believe that no one is in a better position to determine the eye care needs of Canadians than eye doctors. From both diagnostic care and product perspectives, we are the undisputed experts.

Despite this, we have seen more and more private optometric practices shift their care and services to mass merchants and big box stores - companies that would have you believe that eye care services and products are a commodity and that all serves are equal.

These shifts are understandable. Practitioners who stay "private" pay more for products, do not have the tools to educate the public on the range of quality eye care products, and are seen as expensive. This creates a vicious circle where private practice optometrists are less able to invest in their practices and new technologies, and may find it necessary to use products that they are not passionate about. In the end, it is the patients that lose.

Thankfully, there is a solution. FYidoctors, with its unique partnership structure, wholly owned 100% Internal Freeform lens laboratory, exclusive brands, and strong support team, enables doctors to control their own destiny. FYidoctors gives practice eye doctors the ability to provide their patients with the newest technologies in diagnostic care and products AND great value. FYidoctors is not about sitting back and watching eye care being taken over by those that see diagnostic eye care as a "cost of doing business". 

Our model is simple. We combine the passion and quality care offered by independent practitioners with the clout and pricing of a large corporation. FYidoctors is about not having to compromise on our eye care potential. For patients this means a winning combination of quality and value. For eye doctors it means not having to compromise on quality of care.


Dr. Al Usifer
FYidoctors CEO